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First of all, thank you for reading!

First of all just you being here and reading my work has provided me more encouragement than you can ever know, and for that I thank you!

If you still want to show support there are a couple ways you can do it that will really help.

Non-monetary ways to support my work

The world is changing and groceries are more expensive. For that reason I want to provide a way to support my work that does not require you to spend money.

  • Share my work to your friends, family or peers (if they are interested in reading)
  • Reccomend my work on forums or communities (like book reddit)
  • Comment on chapters you like or if you notice mistakes or improvements
  • Leave book ratings on the books you like
  • Obviously only reccomend my work that you genuinely like!

    Monetary ways to support my work


    About the author

    I go by David Grimdark. I am a 23 year old aspiring author. I have been reading since I was 10 and since then have read dozens of full-novels and thousands of chapters of online web-novels. But it doesn't just end with reading, I also love watching anime and playing video games.

    By trade I work in tech, but I have a passion for stories, so I developed this site myself as I was inspired by ErraticErrata's "A Practical Guide to Evil" website, which is an amazing read if you have not read it.

    I was always so amazed when a story could make me feel something. When it could make me laugh or when it could make me sit at the edge of my seat in suspense, and most of all, when it could make me cry. I strive to make work that can make you feel something, and this website is a collection of those attempts and my journey of growth as an author.


    You cant contact me at davidgrimdark@gmail.com