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David Grimdark
Jun 3, 2022

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In a world ruled by Gods, it was the most un-godlike.

It covered itself in only a tattered brown robe, one a beggar might wear. 

White bone was revealed under that robe. Its flesh had rotted away long ago, all that remained was a bleached skeleton, boney and frail. 

A symbol of decay, of the past, of the forgotten.

And yet one look into its eyes and all that washed away.

Because where there should have been empty sockets, there were two black voids, sucking me in, unable to look away despite my desire to do so.

And those eyes were far from dead, no, they were full of regret, full of hate, full of contempt and full of purpose.

It asked me many foolish questions, ones that I thought had clear answers.

Finally, it offered me a deal.

Unflinching and cold it reached its hand out to me.

Under the circumstances, I shook. 

And as it comically bowed to me and my consciousness began to fade to darkness I had a flash of doubt, that perhaps this wasn't the best idea.

But then my mind faded to black.

And the only thing that remained was a peaceful silence. 


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