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Chapter 20: A New Journey

David Grimdark
Aug 12, 2022

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Chapter 20

"Outside the graveyard Holy Knight Luna and Zera were waiting on top of horseback, they were looking at a black cloaked individual crouched down by a particular grave in the graveyard."

"That individual was Yule and the grave was Julie's."

"Yule placed a large bowl of bread onto the grave as an offering before beginning to talk in a quiet voice Luna and Zera couldn't hear."


"I'm going to be going out on an adventure."

I smiled gently at the grave as a gentle breeze rustled the leaves in the large tree behind me. I was looking at Julie's grave, I had brought her an offering of food.

I laughed gently as I got up gently touching the top of the tombstone. 

"I'm going to keep my promise and try all those foods you wanted to try, I'll be sure to come back and tell you how each one tasted."

My hand brushing the tombstone then clenched tightly onto the tombstone as I spoke in a low voice.

"And I promise to get revenge on your killer."

I glanced over to an unmarked grave that only I knew the contents of and chuckled quietly.

"Your other killer that is." 

Eventually after a long bit of reminiscing I got up and bowed to the grave.

"I have to go now so wait for me okay? I'll come back to talk to you." 

Turning away I walked towards the two Holy Knights waiting for me at the road.

It was time to leave this place.

I jumped onto the waiting horse beside Luna and lazily put my shovel on my shoulder with one hand gripping the reins, I saw them looking at me with complex emotions in their eyes.


"Are you sure you want to come, this could be dangerous."

I laughed and shook my reins starting to trot forwards. Luna and Zera both quickly followed to catch up.

"I would have gone after this bastard Baron either way, if anything its you two who are following me."

Luna scoffed as she caught up smiling at me.

"Nonsense, you're just defenseless gravedigger, let us Holy Knight's protect you."

I raised my eyebrows at her scanning her up and down.

"Hmmm, beautiful silver hair, smooth young skin, you don't seem to have any traits of a warrior besides that armor, are you sure you're not a princess?"

Luna's eyes opened wide as a small blush began to run across her face.

"W-what!? How could you say... a princess you say.. oh oh... um?"

As Luna was stuttering and looking every which way except at me I slowly chopped my hand towards her neck. When it hit her she looked at me confused.

"Aaaaand your dead."


"If I had been an enemy with a sword I could have chopped off your head 20 times, look with just a little compliment you became completely defenseless!"

I heard Zera stifling back a giggle with her hand from the side.

"W-w-why you scoundrel!?! Good for nothing bum!"

Luna's cute expression was replaced by a scowl as she started flinging punches at me, I quickly retreated from her strong hits.

"Get back here you coward, stop running!"

I laughed and urged my horse to run faster, turning back I yelled out to her.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you princess! Allow me to scout ahead and make sure it's safe for you!"

I heard Zera break into full laughter at that.

"Bwahahahahaha, he called you a princess Luna, he called the Empire's Blade a princess!" 

I really meant it too.

 Luna had told me how she had rescued my three friends from Itzes, I didn't tell her they were my friends but I had deep gratitude towards her nonetheless. I turned and smiled softly at Luna who's face was now completely red due to embarrassment, many white robed healers passing by were whispering to each other as they heard me yelling.

 "Did he just call her princess?"

"He did! He called the blade princess!"

"Maybe he's her boyfriend!"

Looking back once more my eyes opened wide with shock as I saw Luna grasp her sword and pull it out before pointing it at me.

Why are you pulling out your sword!

"YOU FIEND! Get back here scum!!!!"

With my eyes wide I quickly urged my horse forward running forward, I saw Zera at my side holding her belly with laughter.

Smiling wide I laughed heartily while mockingly pointing forward in a very leader-like manner.

"My Princess! Please follow me, I'll lead us to the villain!" 



"And so our story ends with three horses galloping out of Sirus at full speed."

"At the back was a red faced white haired woman with her sword out."

"In the middle was a laughing robed woman caster."

"And in the front was a galloping individual with a shovel over his shoulder as he pointed forward with a refreshed look on his face. He had lost many things in Sirus and yet because of what he lost he couldn't stop looking forward."

"Towards adventure."

"Towards revenge."

"Towards truth."


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Love it

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@Wombloid Glad you liked it! I look forward to writing about Yule's next journey.