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Chapter 18: A Gravediggers Revenge

David Grimdark
Sep 30, 2022

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Chapter 18

"The healers had finally arrived to Sirus."

"During the rainy evening a group of individuals clad in white robes had showed up and began to spread out to begin healing."

"Besides the healers there was someone else walking through the streets with a horse drawn car piled with bodies."

"It was Yule, his hood was up as he slowly trudged on beside the cart through the wet mud."

"He was collecting the bodies of those who didn't survive until this point."

"Many of the healers nodded towards him thankful but he never responded, they were only a horrible reminder at how Julie who died recently could have survived if he had been stronger."

"Yule's cold eyes glanced up as he was reaching a particular destination, it was the stables where Julie's uncle lived."

"He was looking to collect something more than the dead."


Rattle. Rattle.

The wooden cart rattled beside me while being drawn by a horse, I glanced emotionlessly at the pile of bodies in the back.

Sorry souls who didn't make.

Then I glanced up towards the building I had arrived at, it was the stables where Julie's uncle lived, the last place to collect bodies from, there was a dim light coming from inside.

The healers had gone around telling the townsfolk to unlock their doors so they could come heal those inside so everyone's doors should be unlocked.

As I reached the door I knocked softly and without waiting for a response I opened the door softly.

A pungent aroma filled my nose as I stepped inside.

Looking to my left I saw a sick woman sitting by the door, the Uncle's Wife, as she had her eyes narrowly opened and was taking ragged breaths, I heard her weakly call out in a voice almost too quiet to hear.

"A-are you the h-healer?"

I stared at her for a moment waving a hand in front of her face before responding in an emotionless voice.

"Yes. Can you see me?"

She weakly shook her head. My eyes narrowed sharply.

So she can't see me, that's good.

"P-please heal my c-children f-first."


I stepped past her walking slowly towards a back room where I could see candle light coming from. As I walked into the room I saw two children breathing heavily on the bed, their faces were covered with sweat and their eyes were shut tightly in pain as they battled the disease inside them.

I didn't spare them another glance.

They weren't who I came for.

Instead my gaze focused on man crouched by the bed holding one of the children's hands. He too was sweating profusely and seemed to be unconscious as he was resting his head on the bed.

It was the Uncle.

 Walking over I slowly crouched down beside the Uncle before poking him in the shoulder.

"Hey bastard, can you hear me?"

There was no response, but I had to be sure. Winding back my arm I punched the Uncle squarely in the side. I saw his ugly face distort a bit but otherwise he didn't wake up.


A cold atmosphere began to fill the room as a disturbing smile began to creep onto my face. 

I reached out picking up the Uncle and throwing him over my shoulder, it seemed my body had become stronger after using that ugly power but I didn't pay it any attention. I gently dislodged the Uncle's hand from the little girl on the bed before standing up with him.

As I turned to leave I got a few steps before I heard a shaky voice call out.


Turning my head slowly I looked back at the little girl on the bed, I could see her weakly keeping her eyes open as she looked at me while laying down. Her eyes seemed to shake a bit with fear as she saw me glancing back at her coldly.

 "Y-your not daddy, w-where's d-daddy?"

This time my voice had a hint of anticipation in it, like a predator who had cornered its prey.

"No I'm not your daddy, I'm the gravedigger."

My grin grew wider as I felt the Uncle on my shoulder moan a bit.

"And you're daddy's already dead."

In that girl's eyes I saw a reflection of myself.

I saw a monster staring back.

But I didn't care anymore. 

I turned and continued to walk out of the room.

I heard the little girl begin to weakly sob.

And yet I didn't feel anything except anticipation. I walked out the cart softly closing the door behind me before throwing the Uncle onto the pile of dead bodies on the cart.

As I began to lead the cart back to the graveyard a white robed healer approached the house. He nodded to me and I nodded back to him after removing the smile from my face. He seemed curious about me as he stopped to talk to me so I had to stop as well.

 "Hey, you're the gravedigger here right?"


The white robed healer reached out his hand towards me to shake.

"I heard from the Holy Knight's in your hut that you stayed here and kept collecting bodies, what you did helped slow the spread of the disease, many people here could make it today because of you."

I looked at his hand before reaching out to shake it, his hands were clean.

"Glad to hear it."

The man blinked at my emotionless voice as I turned to continue walking away. I heard him yell out to me as I was leaving.

"It's a shame about that girl you tried to save. If only she had survived a bit longer she could have made it, it was an unfortunate fate, I'm sorry."

My step paused a bit as I looked towards the cart with the unconscious Uncle on it.

I nodded in agreement continuing forward back to the graveyard.

"Yes, some just aren't fated to survive."


In the graveyard a while later.


Raindrops continue to splatter across the Uncle's face causing him to frown as his eyes creeped open confused.

He should be inside, why did he feel raindrops?

Confusion was slowly replaced by pain as the Uncle felt his throbbing side, he winced and groaned. On top of being sick his side felt as if it had been hit by a horse, it hurt just to breath. But alas the Uncle didn't have time to think about these things because he felt something else.

Something grimy was dumped onto his face.

Was this dirt? What the hell was going on?

He tried to reach out to brush off his face but his arm with limited strength seemed to be trapped under something sticky and squishy. Instead the Uncle sputtered and shook the dirt of his face.

He realized that it wasn't just his arm that was stuck, it was his whole body.

Why was body stuck?

The Uncle continued to try and move but he kept feeling sticky and squishy stuff holding him in place and what was worse it smelt horribly of rotting diseased bodies.

It stank so bad it caused the Uncle to gag.

As the rain continued to patter a thunderous bolt of lightning sounded out across the sky revealing the Uncles surroundings. His eyes opened wide as he looked to his left to see a dead face with clouded eyes and a parched mouth right beside him.

He screamed.

"W-what the hell!?!"

The Uncle finally looked past the body and what he saw made him frantically look around to see himself entrapped in a mass grave. He looked down towards his chin and saw that besides his head his entire body was submerged and intertwined with the others.

That sticky and squishy feeling was the skin of other dead bodies!

The Uncles eyes panickily searched for some reasoning to this situation, was he in a nightmare? No it felt to real! Looking around he could see dirt walls a few feet high and he could see dirt occasionally fall down in to the body pit.

Following that dirt that fell down with his eyes he finally squinted to see a cloaked figure at the top shoveling in dirt, it was the towns gravedigger! That's when the Uncle realized.

I-I'm in a grave!

They must have mistaken me for dead! 

The Uncle desperately tried to move his limbs and body but he was weakened due to his sickness so he couldn't dislodge himself from the horrific entanglement of limbs. His eyes shook as he looked towards the hooded gravedigger continuing to shovel in dirt.

He doesn't know I'm alive in here!

Finally the Uncle mustered up what strength he could and opened his mouth yelling out.

"H-HEY! Gravedigger! IM ALIVE! STOP, STOP!"

The Uncle saw the gravedigger stop shoveling in dirt as his words. Relief flooded his eyes.

He heard me!

"Over here! Yea I'm alive! Quickly help me out-"

The Uncle was cut off as he heard a quiet voice from the gravedigger.

"I know."

The Uncle who's eyes started to shake spoke out in a confused voice. 


The sound of a church organ could be heard in the background as thunder flashed once again revealing the face under the hood.

Staring at the Uncle was a wickedly smiling Yule with eyes as cold as a killers, red lines could be seen crackling around his neck. 

In every essence he looked like the devil.

Yule's eyes met the Uncle's as he spoke out again in a chilling voice.

"I know you're still alive."

Yule then resumed shoveling dirt into the grave, the Uncle screamed out in despair.


It was no use, no one could hear the Uncle's weak screams over the rain. As dirt began to quickly pile up the Uncle's cries became broken up as dirt piled onto his face.

"Hey stop! Why are you doing this, stop, -spit, choke- you're burying me -spit, spit- stop!"

"I waited until you were awake."

Yule's smile just grew wider as he starting shoveling in dirt faster. 

 "I wanted you to witness you're own burial."

An innocent teenager could no longer been found in Yule's demeanor, only the devil remained.

The Uncle's words could no longer be made out, only muffled screams and choking escaped through the dirt.

"Cough, cough, grahhhh, help-, stop-, please- cough cough."

The Uncle who couldn't see anymore head the imaginary church organs reach their crescendo as dirt filled up his mouth and lungs, he let didn't even have any breath left to scream.

He could only silently wait as his body slowly shut down due to suffocation.

In an unmarked mass grave, the Uncle breathed his last.

The dirt around his face soaked up his woeful tears.

The church organ finally stopped.


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